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Susan Germini-Humble Interior Design

Interior Design

The field of interior design is a profession of metamorphosis, detail and challenge. It is a profession that melds with my personality and talent flawlessly. I am always honored when a client entrusts me to transform a location of importance for them, as I fully understand how impactful a make over can be to not only the client’s space, but also their lives. As the designer, it is my job to translate my client’s articulated words and turn their tired space into a beautiful, inviting and rejuvenated living area.

In nearly every case, the most cost effective way to transform a space that feels dull is to paint. The ideal paint color will help tell a new story about your cherished space, and often changes the way you feel when you are settled in that area. Because of the wide range of colors, brightness and intensities that are available to choose from, it is wise to employ a design professional to select the colors that will work best in your space and flow seamlessly together. If you’re happy with the colors but are looking for another way to spice up your room, re-arranging the furniture and re-positioning the art can transform a bland room into a beautiful room once again. A designer will often repurpose a piece to add unexpected interest and flavor to a space.

Whether you just need some advice selecting a paint palette or need help in a full remodel, I would be delighted to partner with you as we tackle your design dilemma. Regardless of the scope of your project, the rewards are still the same. It is always a thrill for me to connect with a client and share my skills and my gift of passion to achieve a “fabulous” outcome.

Susan Germini-Humble Slip Covers

Slip Covers

I am proud to say some of the most frequent responses I hear once a slipcover installation is complete is: “the furniture looks like it was upholstered,” or “the furniture looks like it was purchased new.” While the condition of the furniture and the fabric chosen is instrumental in the outcome, the way in which the slipcover is cut is crucial.

I cut a slipcover “full body.” Full body means the entire piece of furniture is covered in fabric and pinned which allows me to contour the fit of the slipcover to the entire piece of furniture. Most cutters cut “half body” where only half of the piece of furniture is covered in fabric and pinned. With this method, the cutting time is much faster but the attention to detail of the overall piece is compromised. Cutting full body mimics the way a tailored suit would be cut, resulting in a fit that is precise and professional.

The procedure is as follows: fabric is selected for the piece or pieces to be slipcovered. I travel to the home, cut the slipcover on site and go back to the studio to cut the remaining pieces and sew them together. I return to the house to install and steam the slipcover. Additional care and attention to detail is practiced as slipcovers with skirts are lined, arm covers are long enough to be tucked in or sit under the cushion, and nylon zippers are used.

Susan Germini-Humble Custom Furniture


We are all aware of the importance of seating in our home. Dad’s favorite spot is in the large club chair close to the television. Mom loves the wing back chair nestled near the fireplace, while the kids like to sprawl out on the sofa. Our favorite seats take quite the beating after years of frequent use. Over time, our comfy furniture just isn’t quite what it used to be; webbing may loosen, springs may need readjusting, cushions might lose their resiliency, and the fabric itself may tatter or tear. If you want to fall in love with your chair or sofa again, a furniture re-upholster is the best way to renew your favorite piece.

Furniture turns an empty space into a room with purpose. If you’re looking to decorate a space but find yourself lacking the furniture and aesthetic eye necessary to do so, I can gladly be of assistance. I can help select new upholstered furniture and “case goods” such as end tables, bookcases and bureaus, that will complement your room and style and make the space feel complete and inviting.

Moving from one home to another can be both exciting and frustrating. Sometimes the furniture we’ve accrued over the years just won’t fit into our new space without feeling cramped, no matter how hard we try to reconfigure things. A custom built piece of furniture may be the ideal solution to the problem, and may provide you with some much needed space.

Susan Germini-Humble Window Treatments

Window Treatments

While window treatments are typically part of the final phase of the design element that brings cohesiveness and unity throughout a space, they are often over looked. The art of dressing a window can be a daunting task, particularly if you are taking on the project by yourself. The same design criteria that was acknowledged in the planning of the room must also apply to the treatment of the windows. There are many elements that need to be considered when dressing windows: how much impact should the windows contribute to the overall design of the room, what function does the window treatment need to uphold (privacy, shade, etc,) and what the appropriate desired scale of the window treatment should be. Additional details also should be assessed: would additional embellishments be necessary to complete the room aesthetic? If so, where would these details be incorporated on the treatment?

As a fabricator of window treatments, I have a clear understanding of the necessary design questions and details that need to be addressed to produce a product that will surpass my client’s expectations. I also take great pride in personally installing the window treatment designs myself, as I am assured of their exact location and can guarantee they will be steamed and primped exactly as they were intended to be. Think of window treatments as a piece of jewelry to an outfit; they are a detail component that, when executed properly, can beautifully infuse their essence into the space they occupy.

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